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Pérez Muñoz Prados, S.L. is a Malaga-based company with three generations of custom broker experience. It relies on the guarantees and prestige stemming from decades of collaboration with the Malaga Customs House, in particular, and with the rest of custom houses on a national level, thanks to the network of offices in La Línea, Ceuta, Melilla and Valencia, as well as with correspondents in the main Spanish cities.

We offer our clients a comprehensive service and, to this end, we resort to state-of-the-art technology and rely on a flexible, dynamic and efficient corporate structure, in which our highly-qualified and professional staff plays a fundamental role.

Our primary aim is to speed up and facilitate the transactions of our clients, so that consignments may reach their destinations with the guarantees required in foreign trade and in compliance with the regulations laid down for these purposes.

Our work is backed by a group of companies from the land, sea and air transport sectors and is efficiently carried out through an infrastructure of lorries, loading platforms and containers, as well as by means of ships covering the routes of Ceuta and Melilla.
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J. PÉREZ-MUÑOZ PRADOS, S.L.it is registered with the Malaga Companies Register, under volume 2199,
8th Section, folio 25, page MA33237, 1st entry, and operates under tax identification code B-29898806
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